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Online Absorbance Spectrophotometer Setup

Online Absorbance Spectrophotometer is convenient solution to virtually control any photometric research application (DNA, RNA) , protein analysis and turbidity measurements. We offers variable configuration solution for wider application.


Our FIBER COUPLED 808 nm DIODE LASER is engineered to meet the needs of experimentalists requiring high-performance systems with an emphasis on reliability, stability and ease of use.

Power Range: upto 10 watts.


Photodiode Module

Detection of weak light pulses on the few-photon level is crucial for many applications. Our Photodiode Module includes PIN photodiodes with low noise amplifiers, and detectors for homo- and heterodyne detection.

Non-cooled multi-alkali PMT (photo-multiplier tube) with inbuilt amplifier

Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) are used to detect faint optical signals from weakly emitting sources. The photocathode uses three or more kinds of alkali metals. Compared to avalanche photodetectors (APDs), they offer significantly larger active areas. These PMTs are controlled with an included software package designed for use with 64-Bit Windows® 7 or 10, which provides a GUI for adjusting gain, output offset voltage, and bandwidth..

PMT Module with housing power supply and cooling unit

The PMT module is basically comprised of a photomultiplier tube to convert light into electrical signals, a high- voltage power supply circuit, and a voltage divider circuit to distribute the optimum voltage to each dynode, all assembled into a single compact case.


LIBS is a type of atomic emission spectroscopy which uses a highly energetic laser pulse as the excitation source. We offer Multichannel LIBS solution integrated with high end components for best resolution .

Multi-Channels Miniature Spectrometer Plus Detector System

A compact and reliable Multi-channel spectrometers for monitor or measure multiple samples or sources simultaneously.

System can be triggered with the source either electrically or optically and spectrometers can work together in daisy chain forms.


Hybrid Data Acquisition & Control System

Data acquisition and real-time control front-end system with ethernet buses for industrial testing applications.

1550nm Laser Module

Laser Diode Modules with Adjustable Current Limit & Set-point are the devices that emits a single static laser beam of single or multiple wavelengths.

Laser Source 1550 Nm Distributed Feedback

The integrated 1550nm laser diode source is a fiber coupled DFB laser. The distributed feedback grating, DFB, located in the laser cavity provides the wavelength stabilization. Compact Touch screen laser driver with inbuilt safety features to drive these lasers.