High Power Laser Beam Analyzer

Standalone High power Laser Characterization System. This system is designed for characterization of High Power Lasers, up-to 120kW. The system can measure various laser beam parameter such as Laser beam divergence, Focus spot diameter, Focal spot movement, its M2 , laser power , wavelength all in real time.
In addition to this a CCD based Spatial profiler along with imaging lenses is also provided to do spatial profiling of a raw collimated beam in imaging mode. Inbuilt Processing Unit with 10-inch Touch Display and Mounting Mechanism for mounting external power meter makes unit a complete setup for doing laser beam diagnostics. System is suitable for doing focal spot analysis of laser wavelength with power from 1 KW to 100 KW or more with a collimated beam of diameter around 8 to 10 mm. System has the provision for attaching the Beam Dump/ External power meter which can be user provided or can be bought through us as an additional part.

“ System is completely customizable depending upon specifications of LASER ”

Era SM Spectroscopy module for spectral analysis of the incoming beam