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General Background:
Ours is a Professionally managed company comprises of a group of professionals having experience in the Lasers ,Laser-Optics, Electro-Optics, Opto-Electronics, Photonics, Spectroscopy, Solar Photovoltaic , LED Characterization equipment's. Our combined experience for these products is now more than 40 years.

Range of Products:
We are working for various worldwide companies in India and have marketing/after sales experience on instruments like Optics, Lasers, Laser accessories, Laser diagnostic instruments , Spectrometer, Monochromator, detection equipment's, Solar Photovoltaic characterization equipments, Solar Simulators, UV exposure systems , Environmental chambers, LED Characterization Thin Film measurement equipments , High quality Optics for OEM’s, Replacement Optics for Nd:YAG, Fiber and CO2 Lasers and high purity materials for semiconductor/ nanotechnology research.

Our Overseas partners:
The name of few of our overseas suppliers are mentioned below

Trained Engineers:
Our Engineers had training in the factory of some of the world's best companies in the above mentioned fields. Apart from having a well qualified technical competitive staff our main strength lies in the excellent relation with our customers throughout India and their ultimate satisfaction.

Customer Support:
We have a well qualified staff very well supported by experience of the senior members of the company and also company arranges in house training by our technical consultants.

Technical Consultants:
To keep up with the latest technology the Company has appointed two very Senior Scientists as their technical consultants who have more than 25 years of experience. Our Technical consultant is for Lasers, Electro-Optics equipment's. They are responsible for training our staff and to give advice's to the company about new upcoming technologies.

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