UV-Blaster ™

The UV-Blaster has inbuilt 360˚ Sensor for human safety, it also have Audio & Visual Safety Alarm, if any humans accidentally enters the room then system will automatically shut down within second for safety.
The UV-Blaster Disinfection is so versatile that it can disinfect 450 square feet area (12 feet radial distance) within 04 minutes. The built-in timer is programmed in hours and minutes. You can customize sanitization time depending on the size of the room. The system can be controlled remotely via Android & Windowed based operation.
The UV-Blaster has inbuilt memory to store log information to help security auditing of disinfection to cross checked whether the room was disinfected or not plus who did the cleaning , it will also create a record of abrupt human entry happened during disinfection record , by looking at the memory log of date/time user can ensure the room is disinfected or not and when again the disinfection cycle needs to be performed.
UV Blaster is designed for the purpose of disinfecting most pathogens including SARS –COV2, corona family of viruses & other harmful bacteria ‘s in closed premises . This system uses UVC lights to deactivate the DNA of bacteria and RNA of viruses with minimal human intervention. The system will help in chemical free and rapid disinfection of high infection prone areas.
Sl No.ParameterSpecification
1Total UV Output250 Watts
2UV Tube6 Nos
3Effective radial distance12 feet
4Disinfection range450 sq. ft. area within 04 minutes
5OperationAndroid /Windows
6Connectivity>20 Meter Wireless
7Human Safety01 inbuilt motion sensor (more on special request)
8Current220 VAC, 50 Hz
9Power Consumption800 Watts
10Lamp Life 9000 Hours
11DimensionH 1900 x L 500 x W 400 mm
12Weight ≤ 40 Kgs
Specification 120Mini 390Mini 520Mini
Total UV Output40 Watt130 Watt 173 Watt
UV Tube4 Nos3 Nos4 Nos
Tube Power30 Watt Each130 Watt Each130 Watt Each
Effective radial distance08 feet12 feet12 feet
Disinfection range200 sq. ft. area within 08 minutes450 sq. ft. area within 08 minutes450 sq. ft. area within 06minutes
Operation Android / Windows Android / Windows Android / Windows
Connectivity> 20 Meter Wireless Wi-fi> 20 Meter Wi-fi> 20 Meter Wi-fi
Current220 VAC, 50Hz220 VAC, 50Hz220 VAC, 50Hz
Power Consumption120 Watts390 Watts520 Watts
Lamp Life 9000 Hours 9000 Hours 9000 Hours
Tube Length0.900 meter1.540 meter1.540 meter
Motion SensorOptionalOptionalOptional
Inbuilt MemoryOptionalOptionalOptional
Safety AlarmOptionalOptionalOptional
Caster Wheel4 Nos (2 Nos Lockable)4 Nos (2 Nos Lockable)4 Nos (2 Nos Lockable)
MaterialMS Powder CoatedMS Powder CoatedMS Powder Coated
RemoteEither Wi-fi or RFEither Wi-fi or RFEither Wi-fi or RF
Dimensions (mm)1150 x 475 x 4751700 x 475 x 4751700 x 475 x 475
Let’s Innovate
UV lamps are optimally placed to eliminate blind spots and corners.
The operator is protected from UV radiation by safety controls to ensure that lamps                                                                                  cannot be activated until the cabinet door is securely closed.
Given system has provision to completely disinfect the laptop in open condition.
Specification Box070 Box105
Operating Voltage 230VAC 230VAC
UVC Tube3 UVC Tube & 1 Hydroxyl Radical Tube4 UVC Tube
Power 11 Watts 11 Watts
LampUV-C & HydroxylUV-C
Wavelength254 nm Peak 254 nm Peak
Body Material Powder Coated MS
Powder Coated MS
Safety Limit Switch at Door Limit Switch at Door
Outer Dimension (mm) L 570 X W 465 X H 430 L 570 X W 465 X H 430
Capacity70 Ltrs. 105 Ltrs.
Weight ≤ 12 Kg ≤ 15 Kg
»UV Blaster Tube
Disinfector with Motion Sensor can be installed almost anywhere on Walls, Doors, Bathroom, Toilets, Record Rooms, Libraries, Kitchens, Corridors, Factories, Laboratories, Cold Storage’s, Production Areas, Hospitals, Waiting Areas, Schools etc.

UV Blaster Tube Disinfector can improve the air quality of your home. It is capable of removing biological pollutants, increasing the quality of indoor air.

UV Blaster tube equipped with smart sensor technology that can sense the motion and shuts down immediately to provide safety to human if someone accidentally enters the room where disinfection is running. Sensor has 5 meters motion detection range. UV Blaster Tube should always be used in an unoccupied rooms for disinfection.
Sl No.SpecificationParameter
1Power36/130 Watts
2UV Source
1 tube
3Lamp Life
9,000 Hours
4UV Wavelength
254 nm
5Weight≤ 3 Kg
6Length900/1554 mm
7Remote Optional (Either Wi-fi or RF)
8Motion Sensor Optional
Its a great tool to disinfect your house/office. It uses short wavelength UV-C light to eliminate micro-organisms that are present in the environment. The lamp is capable of disrupting the growth of bacteria/viruses by damaging DNA of the microorganisms.
Another reason for buying UV Blaster Tube : World-wide studies has shown that UVC based disinfection do not requires any spray of chemicals for disinfection. Its silently do the disinfection on all surfaces which directly exposed to UVC rays like walls, Surfaces, objects inside room ensuring and provide you a 99.9% disinfection and clean air.
We all know that UV lights can be dangerous for living things hence we should not be expose to them. Smart sensors inbuilt in UV Blaster Tube ensures that whenever it see any motion it safely shuts down the UVC emission and protect from UVC exposure.
UV Blaster Tube is equipped with wireless remote control which allows you to control the UVC light without entering the room, plus it also has motion sensor for enhanced safety. This makes it the safest UVC disinfector on the market

»UV Blaster Air Sanitizer / Sterilizer / Purifier
Standard air purifier systems depend on HEPA filters to trap dust and other particles .UV BLASTER uses state-of-the-art ultraviolet light technology to keep viruses and other microorganisms from reproducing and infecting a home, office, or other indoor space. UV Blaster air purification system combines a UV lamp with a traditional filter in order to maximize both the removal of particulate matter from the air and the killing of germs and bacteria.
While standard purifiers may do a great job, most have one huge demerit- the noise. UV Blaster insures peace of mind and health.
Our HEPA filter will trap 99.97% of particulates . The Activated Carbon Filter and the Charcoal Filter are made of granules ensuring much higher absorption of gases and bacteria.
Respiratory viruses are responsible for more deaths globally than any other infectious agent. In the RESEARCH PAPER issued by Centre for Biological Sciences, UK .
It has been stated that hydroxyl radical generation may be important in the inactivation of corona viruses.

Total UV Output 7 Watts 14 Watts
Area Coverage300 sq. ft. 500 sq. ft.
UV Tube 2 Nos 4 Nos
Tube Power
11 Watts 11 Watts
Lamp Life 9000 Hours 9000 Hours
Noise 40 dB 60 dB
Dimensions (Inches) 12 X 12 X 24 12 X 12 X 29
Weight≥ 15Kg ≥ 20Kg

»UV Blaster Robo (Outdoor)

»UV Blaster
Robo (Indoor)