Our Products

Lamp-Source» Portable

This portable Raman System is under 2.5 Kgs. Designed 1.5 meter fiber coupled Raman Probe. System is developed to keep in mind ease and portability with no compromise in measuring capabilities. it has 7-inch-wide touch screen. read more


Lamp-Source» Handheld

A field-ready invaluable identification tool weighing only 800 gms. Designed for very quick check and forensic analysis by safety personal and first responders including Law enforcement personnel, Bomb squads, Customs and Border Patrol.read more


Lamp-Source» Microscopic

The Hawk Raman Micro System is designed keeping in mind the users that are interested in micron level spatial resolution of their raman sample.This system can provide analysis on very small feature of their sample. To align the sample, manual XYZ Translation stage along with sample viewing camera is provided for measurement. The Hawk Raman Micro has an option to couple research grade microscope objective from 10X to 100X as per user requirement. read more


Lamp-Source» TE-Cooled

We are offering TEC Raman for demanding applications like Pharmaceutical analysis of samples where higher exposure time are required, a cooled sensor (Δ65°C) helps in giving excellent signal to noise ratio making it possible to measure even the slightest Raman signals and detect subtle sample differences. read more


Lamp-Source» Free Space

For applications where sample is not in direct access and user wants to conduct identification in free space. This system has a detection range of 30 cm* and weight under 5 Kgs. read more