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» Mounts

It is our pleasure presenting You the original Microbench, invented by Qioptiq!
This compact 4-rod construction system is in serial production in Göttingen, Germany since 1963. The LINOS Microbench was developed by Qioptiq predecessor Spindler & Hoyer as an innovative replacement of the triangular rail system. Small in its dimensions, precisely centered, simple to integrate, easy to expand, and very rugged: the LINOS Microbench is ideal for all spatial structures in any compact form.
Thanks to the broad range of optical and mechanical components available, the LINOS Microbench is an integral part of many optomechanical instruments. Take advantage of more than 50 years of experience to ensure the highest precision and stability for your requirements. read more

Other then this we also provide Standard  & customised Optomechanical components.


Optical-Mounts» Optical Mounts

It is of different type-
– Self-Centering lens/optics mounts,
– Universal Adjustable lens,
– Multiple filter holder,
– Push holder,
– Universal plate holder,
– Bar clamp, spring clamp



Holder-&-Mounts» Holder & Mounts (Alignment)







Manual-Stages» Manual Stages

– Translation stages with dovetails
– Measuring stages with roll barrel guides
– Rotating units / Micrometer screws and fine pitch screws



Motorized-Stages» Motorized Stages

The system contains motorized positioning units.




Optical-Rails» Optical Rails

The rails contain fixed optical axis of 40 mm-1000 mm.
It also provides optics for rails of different diameter.

Galvo-scanners» Galvo Scanners

Cambridge Technology provides the highest performance scanning technology in a Plug-and-Play package. The enclosed scan heads combine advanced moving-magnet scanners with precision servo drivers. This combination provides the most accurate and stable scanning subsystem available today’s market.

The scan heads are available with F-theta lenses for a variety of field sizes, come with industry standard electrical and mechanical interfaces, analog or digital input and can be configured for lasers ranging from UV to IR.

All of our scan heads are available with scan controller and control software. read more

Piezo-Actuators» Piezo Actuators

Standard range of stacks and rings (cylinders with centre bore)
Low voltage (150V / 200V) and high voltage (up to1000V) types
Cased versions with internal preload
Options like position sensing, internal heat management. read more


Position-detection» Position Detection

For position measurement together with actuator option “position detection” complete strain gage evaluation electronics incl. supply voltage generation and amplifier provides µm read out and real-time analogue high bandwidth output of strain gage position detectors (see “options” for stack- and ring-actuators). read more