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» Small Size Light Sources

We provide the light sources with good efficiencies like Lamp, LED, Laser diode, calibration sources, Applied light source product, microfocus X-ray sources, laser modules etc. Hamamatsu photonics has been manufacturing various light sources/lamps types that deliver high stability and long life including the light sources for chemical analysis equipments. read more

Lamp-Source» Lamp Source

Zolix offers a variety of light sources and the corresponding steady power supply used with the systems, which can be integrated into the measurement systems, covering the UV-VIS-IR wavelength range. Their main features are output stability, full range and easy to use. read more


Lamp-Source» Xenon Flash Lamp Module (Portable)

Solar-simulator» Solar Simulator

Solar Simulators are used to simulate “real” solar radiation conditions and are widely used for the photovoltaic device research and QA etc. Beam collimation and spot uniformity are important properties along with spectral matching are key operational requirements. read more


Fiber-coupled-source» Fiber Coupled Source

For applications such as transmission, absorption and reflection, illumination sources are needed. Avantes offers a wide range of different light sources with fiber couple output option, to suit specific needs. read more


Fiber-coupled-source» HAL+

From visible light to infrared, that’s where the Lumen Hal light source works best.It’s a compact, stabilized halogen light source with fiber connection, widely used for absorption and transmission measurements. In order to add to its capability, it has in built Single Wavelength LED which user can use for doing fluorescence studies on their liquid samples. We have range of LED to choose from which start from 265nm goes up to 1550nm Thus,to cover wide range of Applications, New Age offers a solution LumenHal+.read more

Microfocus-X-ray-source» Microfocus X-ray source

These are used for non destructive inspection and x-ray CT. read more

UV-LED-based-sources» UV LED Based Sources

UV-LED light sources emit UV light at 365 nm (or 385 nm). This monochromatic light source causes no thermal damage or harmful DUV (deep UV) effects to objects being irradiated. Its low power consumption makes it an energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source. The built-in LED has a very long life of 10000 to 20000 hours. This reduces costly down time from having shut the production line down to replace lamps. read more

UV-LED-based-sources» Multi Channel LED

LUMEN Light Source and LCx Driver are designed as an illumination source. A wide range of Wavelength to choose from Deep UV to till Far IR and Multi-Channel LED driver (4 /8 Channel) make complete unit user friendly. User has freedom to select source power, internal delay, time of illumination, Model of operation, Modulation through touch panel.read more

UV-LED-based-sources» LED Cluster with Controller

New age instruments provides ready-to-use high-power LED light sources with integrated heat sinks and collecting optics (optional). Compact high-power light sources are designed as a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications. The mechanical housing of light source contain multiple mounting features for lab and OEM application. It can be controlled through software and hardware (User defined). read more

Terahertz-photoconductive-switch» Terahertz Photoconductive Switch

The spectral region between light and electrical wave is known as terahertz (THz) region from the viewpoint of its frequency. This far-infrared spectral region has recently attracted considerable attention for its potential application in spectroscopy, imaging, telecommunications, medical analysis, and so on. Terahertz photoconductive switch can generate/detect terahertz electromagnetic wave with femtosecond pulse laser as an excitation light source. When constructing terahertz time domain spectroscopy, two modules are required for emission and detection. read more

Super-luminescent-diode» Super Luminescent Diode

We offer high brightness of LDs and low coherence of LEDs, SLDs work as a high-brightness light source which compensates for the weakness of LDs such as coherent noise. They are used for optical applied measurements and medical imaging. read more

RF-Electric-discharge-Excimer-Lamp» RF Electric Discharge Excimer Lamp

Use of a flat long lamp and RF (radio frequency) discharge delivers stable output with uniform irradiation over a large area and less flickering. The EX-400 ensures highly accurate, high quality modification, cleaning, and bonding compared to corona discharge method, plasma method, and even other excimer lamps. read more

Tunable-Light-source» Tunable Light Source

TLS wavelength tunable monochromatic light source including LSH series deuterium lamps, tungsten halogen lamp or xenon lamps light source housing, with Omniλ-series monochromators (Omniλ-150 or Omniλ-300), with the filter wheel and other peripheral accessories. read more

Supercontinum-source» Supercontinum Source

YSL provides high power super-continuum source with enhance visible content. It delivers a wide spectral output ranging from 400nm to 2400nm with over 8W total power. Output is fiber coupled so this can be used in applications like fluorescence, nanophotonics, flow-cytometry, OCT and etc. The wide spectrum combined with laser beam quality makes it an ideal source for replacing traditional broadband source like lamp, LED, SLED or any number of laser lines in the system. read more