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UV-Blaster TowerStandalone High power Fiber laser Characterization System

This system is designed for characterization of High Power Fiber laser up-to 120kW. The specifications are for the multipurpose, efficient, reliable and robust HPLBA system, which will be able to measure various laser beam parameter of a focused laser beam like laser beam divergence, focus spot diameter, focal spot movement, its M2 and its power in real time. In addition to this one CCD based Spatial profiler along with imaging lenses is also provided to do spatial profiling of a raw collimated beam in imaging mode, XYZ stage, required Mount, focusing lens, Inbuilt Processing Unit with 10-inch Touch Display and Mounting Mechanism for mounting external power meter makes unit a complete setup for doing laser beam diagnostics. System is suitable for doing focal spot analysis of laser wavelength from 980 to 1080nm with power from 1 KW to 100 KW or more with a collimated beam of diameter around 8 to 10 mm. System has the provision for attaching the Beam Dump/ External power meter which can be user provided or can be bought through us as an additional part. Complete proposal is designed keeping in mind the drawing provided with the tender specs.


  • Standalone system with inbuilt Processor, Centralize Software
  • Pre Aligned System
  • Full Color Touch Display
  • Real Time Measurement.
  • Internal and External USB flash drive storage
  • Single System can measure multiple parameters:
      Focal Spot
      Spatial Profile
      Spectral analysis
      Power Measurement


Focal Spot Spatial Profiler: Non contact Pass through Type Wavelength Range : 980nm to 1080nm Power Handling: 1 KW to 100 KW Minimum Spot Size to monitor: 55um Max dia at Entrance and Exit: 12.5 mm Measurement Accuracies: Focal Spot dia: +/- 5% Beam parameter product: +/- 3.5 % RMS Divergence: +/- 3.5 % RMS M2 : +/- 3.5 % RMS Waist Location: Within 125um of Beamwatch detector window Measurement and Display Capability Needed in both X and Y profile: Waist Width, Waist Location, Focal Shift Centroid, Rayleigh Length M2, Divergence, BPP, 1 D and 2 D profile User need to arrange either dry air or Nitrogen gas to create required positive pressure inside the unit to keep it dust free during operation

Aspheric Focusing Optics: Compatible Lens according to Laser’s Specifications (Varies according to Laser). Note: User Needs to Provide the collimated Beam.

Mechanical Mounts for Detectors, Aspheric lens mount and 3 axis linear stage

A suitable Mount will be provided to hold the collimator assembly of user to do alignment free integration with the main measurement unit. Internal mechanical assembly for lens holding with cooling provision. 3 Axis Manual Translation Stage to accurately position the sensor under high power laser with an accuracy of 100um and load capacity of 5 Kgs will be provided. Travel range: 50 mm in each direction

Detection Analysis Part: Era SM Spectroscopy module This unit is for doing spectral analysis of the incoming beam

Linear array detection unit with dispersive element: its controlling and analysis software, Fibre probes & other accessories. Optical Bench: Symmetrical Czerny-Turner,75mm Focal Length Wavelength Range: 900-1100nm Resolution: 0.5nm Stray Light:< 0.23% Detector: CMOS Linear array with 2048 pixels Signal/Noise: 300:1 AD Converter: 16 Bit, 6 MHz Integration Time:30us-50sec Interface: USB 2.0 high Speed Data Transfer Speed:2msec/scan This includes Metal jacketed Fibre Optic Cable of 400um dia. 2 m length, SMA terminations

Fibre Coupled Collimating Lens

Lens Diameter:6 mm Lens Focal Length:8.7 mm Lens Material: UV grade Fused silica

Software Analysis and Measurement:

Internal processing unit with preloaded Software for controlling and monitoring all aspects of HPLBA with below feature: Waist (focus spot) width and location, Focal shift , Centroid , M2 or K , Divergence , BPP, Rayleigh length , Absolute power( User need to provide Ophir make High Power Laser Power meter with USB interface)

Data Acquisition System:

Internal Processor will be i5 with atleast 4 GB RAM, Onboard USB and Ethernet Interface to connect Spatial Profiler, user provided Power meter and HDMI and VGA interface for On Board 10” Display

System will have option to transfer the controls and display to an external PC through Wi-Fi for safe distance operation. Operating range of around 8 to 10 meters.