Our Products

General Purpose Optics

Co2 Laser Consumables


» Lenses

Plano-Convex Lenses . Double-Convex Lenses . Plano-Concave Lenses . Double-Concave Lenses . Positive Meniscus Lenses . Negative Meniscus Lenses . Positive Cylindrical Lenses . Negative Cylindrical Lenses. Achromat lenses . Aspherical lenses



» Prisms

We offer wide range prisms of BK7, Fused Silica

– Equilateral Prisms
– Penta Prism
– Beam splitter Penta Prism
– Precision Beam splitter Penta Prism
– Right-Angle Prism
– Dove Prisms
– Roof Prisms
– Corner Cube Retro-reflectors
– Anamorphic Prisms
– Wedges Prism
– Rhomboid Prism



» Mirrors 

we offer both dielectric as well as Metallic Mirrors for various wavelength regions from UV, VIS, IR and even for X rays too.
Also Rear mirrors, typically GaAs, Ge, or ZnSe, are partial reflectors with a very high reflection-to-transmission ratio (99.0% to 99.7%), and are key optical components in laser resonators or laser cavities. Rear mirrors, like output couplers, are a part of the lasing process. Thus, high reflectivity is desired. The rear mirrors slight transmission is used in conjunction with power meters to test for laser resonator output power.



» Optical Substrates/Windows

We offer various optical substrates and windows of BK7 . Fused Silica. CaF2 . MgF2 . Sapphire .Crystal Quartz. Zinc Selenide Laser Grade (ZnSe-CVD). Germanium (Ge). Calcite (CaCO3)



» Optical Filters

We offer High quality interference filters – wavelength selectors. Spectral range of 300 nanometers to 5 micrometer.

We offer Color glass filters for laser pulse attenuation, faltering etc…

We also offer Neutral density filters for overall light reduction in cases of extreme light intensity. We can offer discrete filters as well as a filter wheel too.



» Gratings

Gratings are widely used in spectroscopic instruments, for creating monochromatic light from a white light source. This is achieved by utilizing the grating’s ability of spreading light of different wavelengths into different angles.

We provide holographic as well as diffraction gratings in plane & concave geometry with grooves upto 3600l/mm and for wavelength region from UV to Far IR



» Etalons 

We offer fixed planar etalons in two basic forms – air-spaced or solid. Both types can be designed for use at customer-defined wavelengths within the range 190nm to about 2 microns




We offer Beam Bender for different laser wavelength such as Yag Laser, Fiber Laser, CO2 Laser and many more as per customer requirement




Beam combiners are partial reflectors that combine two or more wavelengths of light — one in transmission and one in reflection — onto a single beam path. Commonly ZnSe, ZnS, or Ge, beam combiners are optimally coated to transmit infrared light and reflect visible light, as in combining infrared CO2 high-power laser beams and HeNe visible diode laser alignment beams.




The beamsplitters described here are designed for use at 45° angle of incidence and 10.6µm wavelength. At this angle of incidence, there can be significant differences in the transmittance/reflectance values for s and p-polarizations. It is essential that the laser’s polarization state be specified when ordering these optics.

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