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UV-Blaster TowerFireball Spectrum Analyzer

Our Multichannel Spectroscopy system with data analysis and associated electronics covering wavelength range from 400nm to 1650nm which will be used to capture some critical data about fireball temperature , fireball duration and fireball constituents. This system will consist of 4 channels which will be used for spatial measurement at 4 different positions. The system can also capture signal in a unite way where all the 4 channels will capture signal individually at single position with even faster sampling time i.e, 100 usec.

Our multichannel spectroscopic system will consist of onboard data storage with a capacity of minimum 5000 spectra which is running with integration time of less the 30usec. The whole system will be consist of Silicon (CMOS) & InGaAs detectors , internal & external triggering hardware , DAQ with all the centralize software to control all the light collection optics.

Our Multichannel spectroscopic system will consists of the following sub-systems:

  • 1. Spectroscopy modules
  • 2. Controller with Data acquisition Unit
  • 3. Light collection optics with fiber delivery

Our spectroscopy modules are based on Symmetrical Czerny –Turner which has an option of external band filters along with SMA 905 connector through which the intensity can be controlled from 0 to 100%.Also there are some provision to remove unwanted signal i.e, 2nd harmonics which also enhances the sensitivity.


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