We offer qualified components for optical transmission systems. We have high quality optical passive components for fiber laser, fiber sensor and fiber optic telecommunication applications.

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fiber cables (single & multi mode), fibers for UV/VIS/NIR, MID IR, fiber switches, fiber optic probe, high temp. fiber optic cable/probe, fiber stripping & cleaving product, 1064nm High Power Isolator,1064nm Components, PM Components, Pump Combiner, Pump Laser Protector, Mini-size CWDM,100GHz DWDM, Optical Circulator, PM Circulator, Isolator, Fused Coupler, optical attenuator, Hard Plastic Clad Silica Fibers, Plastic Clad Silica Fibers, Laser Fibers Side Light Quartz Fibers, Quartz Tapered Fibers. Including these we have fiber-optic cables with special connectors and protective tubing. We also have fiber bundles that accommodate several hundred fibers in one bundle and are equipped with customized connectors.
» Fused Optical Fiber Components
• Single Mode Coupler
• Special WL Coupler/W 
• Other Optical Compon
• Multimode Coupler

» High Power Components
• Pump Combiner • High Power Isolator • High Power Accessory
» Polarization Maintaining Components

• PM Fused Coupler and • PM Micro Optics Comp • PM Fiber Connector/J
» Medical fiber Products
– Medical Products – General Remarks – Surgical Applications – Ophthalmology – Dental Applications

» Micro Optical Components
• Isolator & Collimator • Optical Attenuator • Fiber Connector • Filter components
» Optional Products
– Connectors – Hand pieces – Tubes – The Splicer