Our Products

Lets Innovate Together !

We New Age Instruments supporting vast customer base in India through our customize solution in the field of Laser Instrumentation, spectroscopy, detectors, Signal processing and optoelectronics.

Partial list of the projects that we executed for various government and Industrial customers are as under:

1. Multichannel fiber coupled Laser based initiation system
2. Laser Induced Fluorescence based spectroscopy system for field Operations
3. Multichannel PMT based Fluorescence system.
4. Spectral Analysis system for pigments and paints absorption studies.
5. LIBS based elemental analysis system for insitue measurement
6. Specctrometer based transmission and abosrption solution for glass industry
7. Laser Diagnostic setup for high power Industria laser.
8. Raman based system for explosive & narcotics identification
9. Optical Sensor with Housing Module

Our team is fully competent in handling projects based on common platforms like Labview, C++, embedded C , Linux on software side while in hardware side our team is fully capable of optical designing, electronics hardware designing which includes basic analogue electronics designing,Signal processing, FPGA , embedded, microcontolers, mechanical designing.

So lets innovate together….