ALPAO Deformable Mirrors (DM) are based on continuous reflective surface motioned by magnetic actuators. They feature large strokes, high dynamic motion and an excellent optical quality to meet and exceed your requirements for fast and accurate Wavefront correction.
In 2019, we released a brand new product : a Modal Deformable Mirror (DMM). It provides an excellent correction of the most common optical aberrations at large amplitude and with high precision. It was designed to be easily integrated into systems with an embedded electronics and a standard tube packaging.

TRUMPF is building the world’s most powerful fiber-guided disk lasers, with laser powers of up to 16 kilowatts* and beam qualities of ≥ 2 mm•mrad,. The latest generation of diode-pumped lasers has an efficiency of over 30% and could therefore result in very low operating costs in your production. The laser light cable diameter of ≥ 50 µm enables countless applications in processes involving cutting, welding, remote welding, laser metal deposition and further surface treatments. The disk laser’s outstanding beam quality enables large working distances and applications with narrow focusing optics.

» Wavefront Sensors

ALPAO Shack–Hartmann (SH) Wavefront sensors (WFS) are the only range of WFS especially designed for Adaptive Optics.

Key features

They feature excellent performances to fit with every adaptive optics system. Sensitivity, speed and spectral range can be chosen depending on your needs. All ALPAO SHs perfectly fit with ALPAO DMs and ALPAO software and real-time computers.

– Optimized for AO: the number of sub pupils adapted to the fried configuration of the recommended DM, latency minimized

– Speed: frequency up to 31.8kHz, latency as low as 5μs (SH-CMOS-fast)

– High sensivity: Photon flux for SNR=1 down to 3 photons/frame/sub-aperture (EMCCD)

» AO Kits

ALPAO Adaptive Optics kits are both ready-to-use instruments for learning adaptive optics and powerful open-architecture tools for research. Any chosen kit can be tuned and integrate in a full custom AO system.

All 3 components are tested together to provide with the best system performances. A user-friendly graphical interface quickly shows the synthetic data. 

» AO Software
Using ALPAO Core Engine (ACE), our innovative and flexible software, controlling an AO loop has never been so easy!
ACE is an innovative, flexible software architecture for adaptive optics. ACE allows you to quickly and efficiently develop your own adaptive optics instruments.
With ACE’s object-oriented, modular architecture, you use only the modules needed to work efficiently. Performance is not sacrificed for ease-of-use. With ACE, it is possible to close the Adaptive Optics loop up to 1200Hz using ALPAO’s deformable mirrors and Wavefront sensors.
For the most demanding applications, ALPAO can provide you ALPAO Real-Time Computer (RTC): a CPU Linux based RTC running up to 5kHz with a pure delay lower than <150µs.

Key features

ACE Software

– Ease of use: user friendly interface customizable to your needs

– Flexibility: object-oriented modular architecture


– Speed: up to 5kHz

– Low latency and jitter: pure delay as low as 150µs

– Flexibility: modification of the code running on the control node

» AO Systems

ALPAO Adaptive Optics systems are tailor-made systems for your applications and needs. They are based on more than twelve years of experience in AO systems for many applications.

Choose your AO kit to customize it in your own system.